Completely new, revolutionary method for drilling slot raises in underground mines.

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RHINO raise borers represent the most innovative and modern solutions to raise boring needs.

Conventional raise borers

Product range from small (8" drill string) to large (12-7/8" drill string) with maximum raise diameter 5+ meters.

Custom raise boring solutions

Downreamers, raise borers on rails or rubber wheels, boxhole boring...What are your challenging conditions?

New solutions

For production drilling in underground mines. Capabilities and capacities that were never thought possible! As an example:

Tele-remote raise boring operation

Smart Controls

Total raise boring performance management with RManager, RLogger, RTools. Innovation that makes a real difference.

Raise boring hydraulics

Advanced capabilities, yet simple to operate and maintain.

Capabilities and capacities that were never thought possible

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Jarko Salo
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TRB Raise Borers

RHINO raise boring team since 1972

World's most efficient and productive raise borers are built by TRB-Raise Borers Ltd.
Our raise boring experience spans over five decades.

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